The Gold Steeple Messenger

Volume 45 No. 9

The First United Methodist Church

of Warrensburg

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Warrensburg, NY 12885

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Tuesday & Thursday:  9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Phone:  (518) 623-9334

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              Pastor:                        Stephen Andrews

              Pianist:                       Amy Mix-Sargent

Secretary:                     Lutheria Pratt

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Sunday School

Time to study the word of God. Sunday School is at 10am to 10:45am and open to those ages 3 and up. Josie Baker has younger children, Jamiee Ross has middle age children and Pastor Steve has adult class. Think about what you need to learn from the Lord and the children around you need to learn.

United Methodist Women

FALL IS HERE! World’s Largest Garage Sale is October 5 & 6 and we are serving lunch on Saturday the 5th. Lunch is homemade soups and sandwiches. The women will be making them on Friday afternoon and we will serve Saturday in Epworth. We appreciate any and all help we can get. Thank you in advance. We will meet on October 19 at 9:30am.                              Jamiee Ross

Fall is here with its shorter days and beautiful colored leaves and cooler temperatures.  Are you ready for these changes?  We make preparation take out air conditioners, close storm windows, turn on the heat etc.  Are we ready to encounter Christ the living God?  He is alive and well and living among us and in us if we make preparation.  How do we make preparation?  How do we draw closer to God?  James 4:8 gives us a clue “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”  First, we see the guarantee if we come near to God, He will come near to us.  Busy jobs, complicated relationships, distractions from TV, social media, videos, and the like distract us from taking time to cultivate our relationship with God.

The first way to grow closer is to pray.  Well, how do we do that?  Praying requires us to quiet our hearts before God, say to Him what is in our hearts, tell Him of our difficulties and deficiencies, and open our hearts to Him about our actions.

Pray with undivided attention and at fixed times. No matter how pressed you are for time, how busy your work, or what befalls you, pray every day as normal, and eat and drink God’s words as normal. As long as you eat and drink God’s words, no matter what your surroundings are, you will have great enjoyment in your spirit, and you will be undisturbed by the people, events, or things around you

Try to set aside a regular time every day to pray.  Don’t stress out about it if the day gets away from you and you miss the particular time but do make sure you get some time each day. 

The second way to grow closer is to Often read and fellowship about God’s words, and put the truth into practice. God said, “I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eats of this bread, he shall live forever: and the bread that I will give is My flesh, which I will give for the life of the world” (John 6:51).  We need to develop regular habits of feasting on His word.  Another part of this is when we are in a Bible study or just get together with friends and discuss what we have been reading.  You may find that each of you saw something different in the passage.  It spoke to you in different way that each of you my find helpful.  

This month make it a priority to grow closer to God following these steps.  I pray that God will richly bless you in this effort.

Pastor Steve

Lay Leader’s Report

October, 2019

The Adirondack District Leadership Team is pleased to announce that they will be holding a second District Workshop Day, “Informed to Transform,” on Saturday, Oct. 19 at the Plattsburgh UMC, 127 Beekman St., Plattsburgh (12901). They will be following the same format as the day they held last March at the Saratoga Springs UMC. Registration will begin at 8:30 am and a time of worship be at 9 am. There will be three, 75-minute blocks of workshops, and lunch will be served. The day will conclude with worship and Holy Communion at 2:30.

The cost is $10, which includes lunch, and registration deadline is Oct. 10. Free childcare is available, but please register for this service by Oct. 4. If you have questions, please be in touch with Carrie Boyer at the District Office, (518) 480-4866 or

Skye Farm Work Day is coming up on Oct. 19:

WHO? All are welcome -campers, parents/guardians, grandparents, retreat participants, church goers, retired folks, and more!

WHAT? Volunteer Work Day -Projects such as: clearing trails, cleaning, simple demolition, opening/closing cabins and program spaces, painting, setting/cleaning up program equipment, basic building, raking, organizing -if you have specific skills, please call ahead and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

WHY? Help prepare the sites to be ready to welcome summer campers, families, and retreat participants, so they will be ready to learn that there is a God, God loves them, and God wants a relationship with them! You can be God’s helper in transforming lives. For more information, contact the camp office (518) 494-7170 or visit

For those of us who still need to take an Advanced Lay Servant Class this year, Adirondack District and Albany District are still offering them.

Adirondack District Advanced Course: “Leading Worship” will be held on Oct. 26, 9am to 4pm and Nov. 2, 9am to 4pm at South Glens Falls UMC located at 15 Maplewood Parkway, South Glens Falls, NY 12803. This class focuses on the ministry of the lay servant who either regularly or occasionally leads a group or congregation in worship. The course will help participants understand the history of Christian worship, paying particular attention to the development of current United Methodist ritual and ritual resources, the basic pattern of worship, the Christian year, and the Revised Common Lectionary. This is one of the courses needed for Certified Lay Speaker. Please bring a bag lunch.

Facilitators are Bruce Hazard and Arlene Schmidt

Registration is $15, which does not include the book, “Worshipping with United Methodist” by Hoyt L. Hickman (revised edition), available through Cokesbury or Amazon. To register, contact Arlene Schmidt at

Albany District Advanced Lay Servant Course, “United Methodist Heritage” will be held Oct. 12 and Oct. 26, 9:30am to 3pm at Foothills UMC located at 17 Freemont St, Gloversville, NY 12078. It will be facilitated by Jim Baxter, and the cost is $10. Please make checks payable to UNYAC (Upper NY Annual Conference). Please purchase the book “Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way,” by Kenneth L. Carder available through Cokesbury and Amazon. To register contact Jim Baxter at This is a required Lay Speaker course.

Please notify the Adirondack District Lay Servant Director Bruce Hazard after completion of your course in the Albany District to ensure that you receive credit:

Did you know that The Mission Outreach Committee at Queensbury United Methodist Church collects new greeting cards of all kinds to donate to the residents of two area nursing homes. The committee also collects donations of small beauty items and new or gently-used ball caps and T-shirts that are used as Bingo prizes for the residents. This is the second year the Mission Outreach Committee has undertaken this project.

As always, please continue to care for one another, pray for one another, and love one another!

Linda Harrington, Lay Leader

Treasurer’s Report

September 2019

As we head into the last few months of this year I’m happy to say that we have been able to make most payments on time for fuel, insurance, utilities and payroll. We have not been keeping up with payments to the Methodist Conference which you can see from the figures below amounts to about $17,000. I expect that next year there will be increases in the insurance, utilities and payroll which will be hard to support without an increase in givings. Your continued support of the Church’s missions is very telling of how you all feel about supporting the Lord’s plans for this Church and Warrensburg.

In November we will be having the annual stewardship program so please look for the informational mailings and participate in the special service for consecration.

Thank You for your continued support,

Bruce Harrington, Treasurer of Current Expenses

Current Expenses account balances as of September 17, 2019

Checking account balance                                      $958.11

Reserved Funds                                       

            Reserve Fund                             0.00                

            Pastor Reimbursement                0.00

            Conference Share                       0.00

            Fuel Fund                                  0.00

            Payroll taxes                          620.78

            Local Mission                            0.00

            Subtotal of reserved funds                            620.78

Available Funds                                                    $337.33

Bills for September/October 2019

            Fuel budget                            991.00

            Utilities (electricity/phones)    805.00

            Casella – trash                          44.00

            Copier lease                           431.45

            Office/custodian supplies        220.00

            Water/Sewer fees                   324.03

            Payroll for Sept 2019           1,722.50

            Payroll for Oct 2019            2,958.00

            Conference Share                8,380.00

            Conference Retire Premium      94.00

            Conference Pension                188.42

            Conference prior pension     7,933.90

            Conference Moving Fund       450.00

Total Expenses                                                 $25,293.30

Campership Fund                                                  $649.90

Elevator borrowing                                           $28,431.39

Curiosity Corner


Pastor, do you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture?

The simple answer is yes, I do.  Now let’s look at this in more detail. If you have been following the articles at the end of the newsletter then you are aware of what the rapture is and what tribulation is but just in case you haven’t here is a shortened version.  In revelation we see spelled out in great detail how difficult it will be during the tribulation.  This is the time when the unbelieving Jews and anyone who has received the mark of the beast will be tormented by God.  It will be very difficult for anyone who believes in Christ and is around during that time.  If you have not denounced your belief in Christ and taken the mark you will not be able to find work or buy food.  You might even be beheaded for your faith.  Any existing churches will have to be hidden.  The belief in the rapture while only termed that in the 20th century has been around since about 100AD.  1 Corinthians 15:51-52 says “Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed- in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. “A belief in a pre-tribulation rapture means we believe that what Paul spoke about in

1 Corinthians will happen before the tribulation begins.  Those Christians who truly have Christ in their hearts and lives and who are living Christ like lives as they live according to His leading will be caught up to meet Christ in the air.  This is very reassuring for some as this means they will miss the tribulation.  Not everyone who is saved will be raptured.  You cannot just accept Christ and what He has done for you to forgive your sins and give you eternal life and stop there and expect to be raptured.  Once you have accepted Christ then a lifetime of work begins growing closer to Him. He has o much more for us.

If you have questions about any of this please feel free to contact me in person, by e-mail or call or text to 518-260-0876 so we can discuss it. Also please keep the questions coming in the box outside my office

Pastor Steve

Prayer Shawls

Keep our Prayer Shawl ministry in your prayers. If you would like to participate in any way contact Carol G (518-636-8087) Donations of yarn are always appreciated, as are folks willing to knit or crochet the shawls.

Food Pantry

We have two collection boxes for your donations to the food pantry. One is in the entryway to the Church and the other is at the top of the stairs at the side entry.

It is time to begin thinking of autumn staples. The Food Pantry at the Presbyterian Church is always in need of nourishing foods. They always need more soups and crackers, hot chocolate, oatmeal and other breakfast staples, hot meal items such as spaghetti sauce.

Fay also appreciates gift cards from Top’s, Price Chopper and Stewart’s so she can take advantage of sales on meats, eggs, and other perishables.

Please check with Carol G (518-636-8087) before leaving any perishable items in the collection boxes, as pantry is only open on Monday mornings. We can store these items in our refrigerators for a few days.

Have you thought of catsup, mustard, or other condiments? What other items do we take for granted and not provide?

If you are in need, the pantry is open on Monday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00 for your convenience.

Thank you for your support. Let’s make this a time of plenty at the pantry.

Matthew 25:35-40

What you have done for the least of these you have done for me [Jesus]

                                                Carol G

Bread Ministry

Thank you to Price Chopper and Panera for their generous donations to this ministry. They have been very generous in their efforts to make this ministry possible. We sometimes need more gloves, bags etc.

If you are able to help please see Carol G to inquire how you can assist us with supplies.

We are being God’s hands and feet as we work to provide bread 3 days a week for a total of 8 food pantries in the area. Thank you for your generosity. What a blessing!  Matthew 25:35-40

                                              Carol, Marie and Tom

Red Bookshelf

Thank you for the donations we have received. I have been working on delivering another 50 books. Feel free to leave donations at the church. I am here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and the church office is also open on Tuesday.

Tabs and Bottle Tops

Please remember to save your tabs and metal bottle caps for this extensive mission. Ann is able to process more tabs and caps now. Thank you to the donors who are constantly providing these items to help the Ronald McDonald House at Albany Medical Center. Ann has told me she appreciates the LARGE can tabs that she has been receiving and would like to send a special thank you for those. We appreciate your efforts at recycling as well as supporting this ministry.

                                                                   Carol G

Pill Bottles

Several large bags full of bottles have recently been delivered to someone who will be taking them to the central collection site. With an eye on recycling, we have been accepting empty pill bottles with caps.

This includes over the counter medications and vitamin bottles.  Please remove labels and rinse out residue as they will be used by Doctors Without Borders as containers for medicines that they dispense in other countries. We collect these year ‘round and they are periodically delivered to a central collection location site. The box for your donation is located in the front entry.

OsteoBusters Exercises

We have moved to our winter room in the nursery at the top of the stairs of the side entry.

New participants are welcome; you will be asked to have a form signed by your healthcare provider saying that you are able to participate.

Most of the components of this program offer an accommodation for problem areas. For example, most of the exercises can be done sitting rather than standing. Stop by and check us out!

                                                          Judy and Carol

Vol. 25       A Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness      October 2019


This series was begun in September 2017, over two years ago. The true motive for starting it was to eventually work into the subject of end times and the existence of a Rapture. But it went further than merely bringing to the forefront the existence of a Rapture. It was to share the revelation gained in one of those particular moments of God’s illumination when all of a sudden the Holy Spirit floods the mind with a deep understanding of a new Truth …although there is no such thing as “new truth” only the exposing of old misconceptions when fragments of new understanding come together like pieces to a puzzle. Having had such an experience over two years ago, my task has been how to lead these articles into revealing what I believe to be a further understanding on the Rapture. The more I have investigated the more pieces of insight have come together so I am perhaps now seeing the larger picture of what at first started out as merely to be a belief in a partial rapture. I know any Biblical position has to be substantiated by Scripture. So, I embarked on a journey of spending many hours in the Word to see if the Scripture backs up the revelation given and if I could find others who had the same viewpoint on the Rapture. To my delight I discovered that, many well-known scholars such as Hudson Taylor, Robert Chapman, Robert Govett G.H. Pember, D.M. Panton, Watchman Nee and Perry Stone also believed in a pre-tribulation rapture AND that, like me, they believe that only a part of the Church (those who watch and pray) will be raptured at this time. However, where I seem to diverge from some is that I have expanded the partial rapture theory by further believing that there will be two more Raptures/resurrections during the Tribulation…one being the martyred saints and the second being the believing Jewish remnant in the second half of the Tribulation. Not only can I line up all three resurrections with the Jewish harvests, but this would also explain why for years there have been constant debates between those who believe in either a pre-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation or post Tribulation Rapture. In the belief of three Raptures/resurrections all three theories would be valid. An analogy might be different people all seeing a different side of the same building and hence having a different viewpoint.

The job of proving the existence of a Rapture before the Tribulation has been a huge task because of the obstacles I have had to overcome in doing and writing this study. The first obstacle to be faced from the very beginning on this journey of discovery has been the worst kind of spiritual warfare imaginable against me. Satan’s darts would have slain me had I not known how to cling to my crucifixion in Christ and subsequent resurrection. The attacks have come wherein there have been weaknesses in my own armor.

The second great obstacle that has had to be faced in doing this study is that the Church has dropped the belief in a Rapture and Tribulation period altogether. As a result, there has been nothing but silence from the pulpits on the subject. Just as our children have been brainwashed by Satan to believe that socialism is a good thing and teachings on the constitution have been dropped… the Church has also been brainwashed as our pastors have just gone into seminary classes and accepted whatever interpretation of Scripture they were fed, without doing the necessary research. Many so-called scholars have taken advantage of such ignorance to distort the doctrine of the Rapture and revise Church history. Hence before I could get into the real possibility that not all believers were going in the Rapture; I have had to deal with the fact that the very belief in a Rapture has been dropped today in many churches and seminaries while false information has been propagated.

As part of this false propagation and as added supposed proof of there not being a Rapture, many have been disillusioned into thinking that the early Apostolic Church did not believe in such a Rapture much less taught it.  One of the misconceptions taught was that that Rapture theology was invented by a man named John Darby in the 19th century. This fallacy has required me to go into early teachings by the Church Fathers. There have been many reported by historians as to believing in and teaching a pre-trib Rapture. Herein is only given a brief synopsis on the writings of a few of the many Rapture believing Church Fathers.  For more information on the many early writers believing in a pre-tribulation Rapture, please research for yourself.

Clement of Rome (30-100) spoke about the Rapture in his First Epistle to the Corinthians. And, following the logical flow of his teaching from chapter to chapter it is believed that his writings “yields the result of a pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church. “

 Irenaeus (130AD-202AD), Bishop of the church in Lyons (France), eyewitness to the Apostle John wrote about the church being suddenly caught up after a time of great corruption and before the tribulation that has not been since the beginning of the world.

Cyprian (200AD-258 AD) Bishop of the church of in Carthage in Treatises of Cyprian wrote in describing the end times Great Tribulation:

“We who see that terrible things have begun, and know that still more terrible things are imminent, may regard it as the greatest advantage to depart from it as quickly as possible. Do you not give God thanks, do you not congratulate yourself, that by an early departure you are taken away, and delivered from the shipwrecks and disasters that are imminent? Let us greet the day which assigns each of us to his own home, which snatches us hence, and sets us free from the snares of the world and restores us to paradise and the kingdom.”

Victorinus (Well known by 270 and died in 303 A.D.)

“And the heaven withdrew as a scroll that is rolled up.” For the heaven to be rolled away, that is, that the Church shall be taken away. ”

Ephraim the Syrian (306 AD-373 AD) , deacon in the church of Syria and later became Bishop of Nisibis

In his work, On The Last Times 2, he wrote:

“Or do you not believe unless you see with your eyes? See to it that this sentence be not fulfilled among you of the prophet who declares: “Woe to those who desire to see the day of the Lord!” For all the saints and elect of God are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come, and are taken to the Lord lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins. And so, brothers most dear to me, it is the eleventh hour, and the end of the world comes to the harvest, and angels, armed and prepared, hold sickles in their hands, awaiting the empire of the Lord. And we think that the earth exists with blind infidelity, arriving at its downfall early.”

The word “Rapture” comes from the Latin and means “caught up,” “gathered,” “snatched (taken) away.” The word “Rapture “itself like the word “trinity” is not in the Bible, but these other words are. Hopefully this ends any further discussion on the valid belief in a Rapture, especially before the Tribulation. The two primary Rapture scriptures are 1 Thess. 4:16-18 and 1 Cor. 15:51-54. The Word of God is always our reference and standard. However, the early apostolic Church is our most reliable model of what God intended for the Body of Christ as these Fathers knew the Apostles. The first Church was a persecuted Church and met in catacombs.

Those who came did so at the risk of their lives. Later on, the early Church due especially to the Catholic influence developed the liturgy as well as rituals and practices such as the infallibility and veneration of the Bishops, the altar, decorative garb robes, incense, use of candles, Virgin Mary worship, stained glass windows, golden vessels, etc. The argument for such has been that the liturgy here on earth is modeled after the liturgy in Heaven and are therefore elements of the heavenly liturgy. However, Jesus wore sandals and a simple robe on earth. We have not yet attained heaven on earth. God presents us with our robes and crowns, not man. To enter heaven our robes must be white and spotless (free of all sin). All the recent sin discovered in the Church as well as among priests reveals the audacity of man to presume to duplicate that which is sacred and authored only by God.  Our rituals are esteemed more than the Lord. God will bring persecution to the true Church worldwide and force it to go underground to strip it of all of its pagan practices, bring back the simplicity of holiness, and separate out those (the remnant) who are the true believers…the Philadelphian Church of Revelation. Watch it happen!

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