December 2017 Newsletter

The Gold Steeple Messenger Vol. 43, No. 11 December 2017

The First United Methodist Church Of Warrensburg 3890 Main Street Warrensburg, NY  12885

Staff Pastor:                        Stephen Andrews Pianist:                       Amy Mix-Sargent  Secretary:        Lutheria Pratt


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December Birthdays and Anniversaries

12/1                        Seth Palmateer Jackie Gillingham

12/3                        Lindsey Markham

12/4                        Cheryl Tennant

12/9                        Marge Parker

12/13                     Carol Galusha

12/21                     Janet Cousineau

12/26                     Kristine Burchfield

12/29                     Michael Pickett

12/30                     Deanna Borchenius Robert (Red) Veillette

12/31                     Linda McNeill

Sick and Shut in

At Fort Hudson Nursing Home:

Peggy (Margaret) Allen

319 Broadway

Fort Edward, NY  12828



At Home:

Maggie Randall

4 Oak St

Warrensburg, NY 12885

623-4041                                          .


Marjorie Haak

20 King St

Warrensburg, NY 12885




A Special Present for our Church

By the end of this month FUMC Warrensburg will have a fully functioning website.  I am taking a course web and internet in ministry.  The final project is to design a website.  I need your help please.  There will be links to different activities here at FUMC among them will be UMM, UMW, outreach, Bible studies, as well as others.  Please if you participate in a specific area get me a description of the activity and pictures if you can.  Be sure if you get me pictures to ask permission of those in the picture to use it on the website.  Of course, I would like all of this input electronically if possible but if not just give me what you can in whatever format typed on paper, written on paper, or written on a napkin.  Please put written material in my mailbox at church.  If you are submitting written material or pictures electronically please e-mail them to me at  Thanks for your help and if you want to see the site as it develops go to

Pastor Steve


Parsonage Open House

You are invited to come celebrate with Pastor Steve at his open house on December 23rd starting at 2:00. The house will be decked with his collection of Christmas village scenes. Come and share the joy of the season with our Pastor


Christmas Eve Service

Come celebrate the birth of Our Lord on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th at 7:00 P.M. It is always a special time in our church.

Lay Leader’s Report

December 2017

Granny’s Attic, located in the Schroon Lake Community Church’s Community Room, Route 9/Main St. and Leland Ave. (enter on Leland Ave), will have a fundraiser from10am to 3pm on Saturday, Dec. 9. There will be new and gently-used items for sale and a luncheon from 11am to 2pm consisting of soups, sandwiches and desserts. This church fundraiser is part of the Schroon Lake Old Thyme Christmas Day Event.

Pleasant Valley Chorale will perform Christmas music at 7pm on Saturday, Dec. 9, at the Essex Community Church, 2306 Lakeshore Rd., Essex, NY. The concert is free. However, donations will be accepted.

There are 65 million people displaced in the world today. That’s more than at any other time since World War II. In response to this crisis, the United Methodist Church has planned a day of prayer and special offering to raise awareness and funds to aid migrants and refugees. Congregations can reach out to migrants/refugees on Dec. 3rd. For information, go to the Conference website at

The Fall 2017 UNY Camp & Retreat Ministries’ newsletter, Xenia News, is now available to view on our Conference website at The issue includes a note from Mike Huber (the Director of Camp & Retreat Ministries), staff updates, and news about each of the sites. Camps are open year around and many offer special programs/activities.

As we go about the business of preparing for this holiday season, may we always remember, in everything we do, that Jesus is still the reason for the season!

May God bless you as you remember to take care of one another, pray for one another, and love one another!

Linda Harrington, Lay Leader

Treasurer’s Report

November 2017

As I write this note the Church is in the midst of the annual stewardship drive and by the time you read this we will have completed the drive. I want to say a word of thanks to you for your support during the year and during this year’s drive which I’m sure will once again show the belief in the missions of this Church. From the special appeals for disaster relief to the giving for the local community all show the faith we have in Jesus Christ. We are still able to pay the bills to keep the Church open and operating thanks to your generous givings.

Thank You,

Bruce Harrington, Treasurer of Current Expenses

Current Expenses account balances as of November 20, 2017

Checking account balance                                 4,197.53

Reserved Funds

Conference Share                 309.00

Fuel Fund                          1,100.00

Payroll taxes                        227.62

Benevolences                         55.00

Subtotal of reserved funds                     1,691.62

Available Funds                                                 2,505.91


Bills for October/November 2017

Fuel budget                          875.00

Utilities (electricity/phones) 469.00

Casella – trash                        34.00

Ricoh – copier                      452.85

Office/custodian supplies      78.00

Payroll for November 2017 2,094.00

Payroll for December 2017 3,002.00

Conference Share              9,540.40

Conference Retire Premium 1,133.16

Conference Pension             554.16

Total Expenses                                                 18,232.57


Campership Fund                             629.89

Carpet Fund                                         0.00


Movie Night!

Our movie night for this month features “My Son My Savior”.  It is a portrayal of the life of Jesus through Mary’s eyes.  It imagines Mary’s childhood growing up in a strict Jewish household celebrating holidays such as Passover and hearing the prophecies of a coming Messiah.  Come join us on Dec. 15th at 6:30PM.  Refreshments will be provided.

Pastor Steve

Where did the year go? December is here and we start thinking about Christmas. We will be having our Christmas Bazaar on December 2 from 8am to 2pm. There will be vendors selling a variety of items, booking parties and giving information; a Pancake Breakfast from 8 to 11am; a Cookie Walk till the cookies run out; and a silent auction. All proceeds go to mission support locally, nationally and international.

Our next meeting will after the bazaar at about 2:30 where we will plan for next year. We encourage all women to help us plan how, who and where we support. We wish to thank all those who help us in any way. God’s blessings to all this season.

Jamiee Ross, President

Shoebox Ministry

We sent 52 boxes to Operation Christmas Child. What a great success!


We have room for more students in Sunday School. Ask your neighbors if they would like to send their children to have fun learning about Jesus and his love for all. Maybe you could provide transportation to church and they could pick up. Reaching out is just the start of inviting. Think about how you can help spread God’s word to others.

There is a healing service on Dec. 16th at 3PM.  Spencer Bordelon will be with us.  Several of Judy’s class “The Holy Spirit and You” went to his service for healing at Apostolic Christian Fellowship Church in Glens Falls where he is the pastor.  He is also an anesthesiologist at Glens Falls Hospital.  When Susan had the clot removed from her leg in February of 2016 he took over the anesthesia after 3 hours of surgery with no success.  He saw what was happening and said “clot in the name of Jesus come out” and the surgeon was able to remove it.  He has experienced many healing miracles.  If you are in need of healing in any way physical, emotional, spiritual, or just want to experience a Spirit filled worship service come and join us.

Pastor Steve

Incredible Opportunity! Become a Nearcare Volunteer

Want to have more meaning in your Life? Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community? Then become a Nearcare Volunteer! Nearcare is providing a wonderful opportunity for individuals to give back to the community and have the gratification that comes with helping others.

Volunteers are desperately needed from the community to provide non-hands on services to families of the seriously and terminally ill. Becoming a Nearcare volunteer is similar to helping a neighbor in need by being a companion, providing respite for caregivers, running errands or taking someone to an appointment. The volunteer gets to decide what type of service they want to provide and the amount of hours they can give.

If you would like to help someone in your community, please call Monica @ 518-798-6648.



Our annual giving tree is waiting to shelter lots of food for the pantry. Remember to bring your contributions each Sunday of Advent.

Shopping is underway for our Christmas child, the little girl who loves ice fishing!


Vol.3               A Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness



Matthew 3:1-3

1And in those days cometh John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea, saying, 2Repent ye; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 3For this is he that was spoken of through Isaiah the prophet, saying,

      The voice of one crying in the wilderness,

      Make ye ready the way of the Lord,

      Make his paths straight.

In the little hamlet of Sutherland Springs, Texas people care about one another. The two existing churches are the bedrock of the community. It was here during a church service at the First Baptist Church on Nov. 5, 2017 that a gunman, after entering the church, killed more than two dozen people, including adults, children, babies, and a pregnant woman’s unborn child.  Many others were injured.

Sutherland Springs was not an ordinary town. Here the two existing Baptist churches were the mainstay of this small hamlet. They were interconnected by families and friendships and knit together by a large praying membership. Both churches worked together on everything in the community. The people here knew one another and knew themselves to be the body of Christ.

With such a loving, believing community, one might ask, “Why this Church?” Of all the many other churches where the people have grown indifferent to God, why would God allow this jewel touched? The pastor lost his daughter and most everyone in the town was touched by the almost unbearable suffering that comes from the terrible loss of a loved one.

No one knows the mind of Christ. But in pondering this question, one is brought back to the story of Job. Job was God’s faithful servant. The Bible says he was perfect and upright, feared God and hated evil. Yet it was Job whom God allowed to go through the worse suffering at the hands of Satan. But this suffering was always within the parameters permitted by God. In the end Job knew victory and was much rewarded.

Thinking further, we are also reminded of how a diamond is made. We do not know all the details but we know that it takes carbon along with high heat and much pressure and quick cooling to make the stone. With some polishing it would become a jewel of great worth.

If we look at the response to the tragedy of the people of Sutherland Springs we might be amazed. The pastor asked to not allow the lost or injured lives be in vain. Faced with such suffering the town has turned to its faith and prayer as its means of coping. Christmas lies ahead…the time for celebrating and family. For this town, it will be the hardest of times.  There will be the temptation for healthy anger (God allows anger for a brief time) and grief to turn to unforgiveness, blame, rage and bitterness. But there will also be an opportunity for these sufferers to grow in forgiveness and allow God to take them to the cross where their suffering will be exchanged for His healing resurrection power.

You see, God allows one of His children’s life to be touched with such pain when He knows that this life can be molded into becoming an overcomer. It hurts to be a lump of clay on the potter’s wheel wherein we are molded and shaped by the pressure of the Creator’s hand. But it is far worse to be cast aside and untouched because we are not malleable. The easiest life is not necessarily the best life.  Often it is quite the contrary. Those who have known deep suffering also know God at a great depth as suffering, when allowed, drives us to go deeper with God. Overcomers are those who have victory over the world, the devil and suffering. They have let God heal them and have learned to depend upon Him for direction, purpose, fulfillment, strength and needs. In suffering we let go to allow Him to be our life.

Let us not forget that we too are part of the same body as our Sutherland sisters and brothers and we hurt with them this holiday season. The baby whose birth we celebrate is the ONE who has made the way to heaven for those lost in the massacre. May this be the comfort they find at Christmas.    continued …


Christmas Bazaar


Pancake Breakfast

8:00am till 11:00am

Pancakes and all the fixin’s!

December 2, 2017

8am till 2pm

The First United Methodist Church

Of Warrensburg